Water as One Resource

This course provides an overview of how groundwater and surface water interact, what the implications of these interactions on water resources are, and how water can be more effectively managed if an understanding of these interactions is incorporated. This course is based on the AGI Critical Issues webinar "Water as One Resource: How interactions between groundwater and surface water impact water availability" that was co-sponsored by the National Ground Water Association, Wisconsin Geological & Natural History Survey, and the Association of American State Geologists. Course Objectives Students are expected to learn the following when they take this course: What is the difference between surface water and ground water? How do surface water and ground water interact to comprise one system? What are the benefits and drawbacks of managing ground and surface water as one resource rather than as two separate resources? What are examples of successful management of ground and surface water as one resource? This is an asynchronous short-course that contains videos, resources for learning more, and a set of questions in each section to help facilitate learning. An asynchronous course is a course that can be done on your own time. Feel free to pause, take a break, and come back to your saved progress to continue with the course. There is no deadline for completion of this course.
May 10th, 2017 10:06 AM
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